Wonderment cannot be underestimated in everything you send out with the brand of your school, organization or company. Wonderment is a whimsical word, which is why we like it. We're really talking curiosity that has enough abandon that someone is prone to react, respond, and become engaged. 

We can all think of ads that exemplify this idea. Here are a few to watch... well, in wonderment, perhaps. 

As to education, here's an example that we wrote for Flint Hill School. It really does come down to content and concept can follow. Don't think that a small budget means you can't accent wonderment. 

I wonder if my classroom were packed to the gills with discovery.

How would that change my experience? Would my desk be part of a row of desks just like mine, or would my classroom transform into a neolithic shelter? Would it become a 3D playground for a robot I built? Would it be a stage for my next big video presentation? Would it mean a whole new adventure?

I wonder if my teacher really took time to know how I learn.

How would that change my confidence? Would I get discouraged and just give up, or would I tackle the giants in the story I’m writing? Would I unmask the villains in history to see them from new sides? Would I know just how far and fast that rocket shoots into the air? Would I know I’m ready to explore my true interests?

I wonder if my classmates became collaborators.

How would that change my perspective of school? Would it make the whole experience more inviting? Would I join the musical and belt out a tune? Would I delve deep into a language and uncover a world of new meaning? Would I find my place in every grade knowing I inspire my classmates and they inspire me? Would my friends push me to excel well beyond where I imagined I’d go?

This kind of school just might translate into a million AHAs a day.