Top 10 on Video Strategy

Video strategy is something that is key for any organization. Why? It’s often the driver of social shares, it expounds on emotion and provides a tinge (or more) of wonder about what your particular message really is all about.

If you’re doing video work here are some important things to think about.

  1. Have a script (exacted out if you can, but a strong idea of theme if not).

  2. Identify the voice and screen talent - who will be featured?

  3. Think creatively in advance and produce a shot sheet. We call these creative calls.

  4. Stay away from the normal sit down interviews. They eat time and are rarely good.

  5. Think B-roll. If you notice, the Inspiration video that is linked is all b-roll (all that footage you don’t necessarily use in the final set of videos. You can fill in dead spaces on the calendar with “second tier” but on-message videos.

  6. Keep it simple in message. Don’t try to pile everything in.

  7. Consider brevity as a noble task. If you’re in the land of 2:50+, it might be too long.

  8. Think of video as a regular occurrence by: (a) getting great professional footage; (b) planning out secondary video releases; (c) not discounting the simple iPhone video moments. They can all work together.

  9. Work with a company that gives you all the footage. That’s what we do. It’s yours. We shot it for you. We’ll partner with you and others will too, but make sure you ask and you’re clear on this point.

  10. Make it real. It has to fit you. If a gecko shows up in the middle of the shot, your audience will be lost.


Here are a few examples. You can find more under the work tab above.